Sunday, September 2, 2007

BlackBerry for Sale

There are rumors that Microsoft and Research In Motion, makers of BlackBerry are talks for possible acquisition. RIM share touches all time high on last Friday.

If these talks end into success than it might be the largest acquisition in Microsoft history. On Friday RIM market cap crossed 47.5 Billion. If everything goes smooth than whole this acquisition may cost up 55 Billion to Microsoft.
This acquisition can give Microsoft great edge over competition, since BlackBerry has penetrated business user market across the globe. On the other hand Micrcosoft Windows Mobile is not that successful, although you can find them in some of Motorola Q and Plam Treo smartphones.

Another reason to believe in this rumor is that Microsoft is in immense pressure from Apple's iPhone and possible launch of Google phone. If Microsoft want to maintain its grip on mobile market this seems a logical move.

In the separate press release Microsoft and Research In Motion denied to comment on news saying its their general policy not to comment on speculation and rumors.

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